6. Tom kha kai - Chicken (Mild)


    Tom kha kai - Seafood (Mild)


Coconut soup w/ chicken or seafood, lemongrass, tomato, mushroom, onion and Thai herbs

7. Tom Yum - Chicken (Medium)


    Tom Yum - Prawn (Medium)


Thai hot and sour soup w/ chicken or prawns, mushrooms, onion tomato celery and Thai herbs

Tom Yum Soup

8. Tom Yum Pak

Thai hot and sour soup w/ mixed vegetable and Thai herbs
**Add Glass Noodles $ 2.00**

9. Mama Tom Yum Goong (Medium)

Thai hot and sour soup w/ prawns, egg noodle, celery, tomato, mushrooms

** Food allergy? Please let us know before you place your order**

**Prices may be subject to change without notice**