Curry Dishes (Gluten Free)

Your choice of meat chicken, pork, beef or tofu.
To substitute seafood, prawns or squid add $4.50

20. Panang Curry {Medium}


A traditional Thai style curry in coconut milk w/ lime leaf, bamboo shoots, carrot and red peppers

21. Masaman Curry {Mild}


A thick curry in coconut milk and tamarind sauce w/ potato, carrot, onion, topped w/ crushed peanuts

22. Yellow Curry{Mild}


Thai style yellow curry in coconut milk w/ potato,broccoli and onion

23. Red Curry {Medium}


 Thai red curry in coconut milk w/ broccoli,red peppers and carrots

24. Green Curry {Hot}


Thai green curry in coconut milk w/ eggplant,broccoli,bamboo shoots

Green Curry

25. Pineapple Red Curry {Medium}


Thai red curry in coconut milk w/ pineapple,broccoli,carrot and red peppers

26. Vegetable Curry {Choice of Curry flavour: Red, Green, Yellow or Masaman}


Thai curry in coconut in coconut milk w/ mixed vegetable-mushrooms, onions, Broccoli, celery, cabbage, carrot and red peppers
*Add Meat ( Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Beef ) $ 2.50
*Add Seafood, Prawns, or Squid $ 4.75