All stir- fried dishes include your choice of meat chicken, pork, beef or tofu $ 16
Vegetable Dishes $ 14
Prawns, Squid, $ 19

18. Pad Kapao {Hot}


Stir-fried Thai basil sauce w/ onion, red peppers and mushrooms

*19. Pad Prick Khing {Mild to Medium}


Stir-fried ginger, mushrooms, mild peppers, onion

21. Pad Lemon grass{Mild}


Stir-fried lemon grass mixed sauce with carrot red peppers, onion and broccoli

22. Pad Priao Wan


Thai sweet and sour with pineapple, onion, celery, carrot, red and peppers

23. Cashew Chicken or prawns


Onions, red peppers, carrots in special sauce and cashew nut

Cashew Chicken

24. Beef in Oyster Sauce


Stir-fried beef with mushroom, onion, broccoli, and tomato in Thai style gravy sauce

25. Pad Pak Luomit (vegetables)


Mixed vegetables with Soybeans and special sauce

26. Pad Khee Mao {Hot}


Sweet basil sauce with eggplant, peppers, and onion

*27. Pad prick Gaeng {Medium to hot}


Stir-fried red curry sauce with coconut milk, 8broccoli, carrot, red peppers and fresh basil

*28. Pad Phong ka- Ri Chicken or prawns


Choice of meat in Thai style yellow creamy curry sauce w/mushrooms,celery,carrot and onion

*29. Pad Peanut Sauce (mild) Chicken or Prawns


Thai style peanut sauce stir fried w/sui choy onion,carrot and broccoli

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**Prices may be subject to change without notice **