Seafood & Fish Dishes

37. Pla Priao wan


Pan-fried red snapper w/sweet & sour sauce,pineapple,onion,celery,bell peppers

38. Pla Prink khing {Medium}


Pan fried red snapper w/fresh ginger,mushrooms,onion and fresh chili

39. Pla Sam Rot {Mild}


Pan fried red snapper w/sweet chilli sauce,red peppers,broccoli,onion and pineapple

41. Pad kapoa Mixed Talay {Hot}


Mixed seafood in a basil sauce w/chilies, onion, red peppers and mushrooms

43. Pad Sam Sie Seafood {Medium}


Mixed seafood in a creamy yellow curry sauce w/celery, red peppers, broccoli and onion

44. Pla pad prick geang {Medium}


Red snapper stir-fried in red curry sauce with a touch of coconut milk, red peppers, carrot and broccoli top with basil

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